Jüri-Ruut Kangur

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Jüri-Ruut Kangur has finished in 1998 the Estonian Academy of Music, studying orchestra and choir conducting and composition. He has conducted several choirs and orchestras in Estonia, 1994-1999 he was music director and conductor of Haapsalu Youth Music Theatre, 1996-2004 principal conductor of Haapsalu Town Orchestra, 2000-2002 conductor of Boys Choir of Estonian National Opera, 2001-2003 chairman of conducting department in G.Ots Music College of Tallinn and conductor of symphony orchestra of that school and 2003-2014 conductor of Symphony Orchestra of Tallinn Nõmme Music School. Since 1995 he is principal conductor of Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra and since 2013 conductor of Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra. He has conducted also Pärnu Town Orchestra, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Tallinn Philharmonic Orchestra, Tartu Opera Theatre Orchestra,  Estonian National Male Choir etc. and  international co-operation projects of youth orchestras in Finland, Norway, Germany, Turkey and Holland. In 2005 he gave masterclasses in Republic of South Africa and in 2015 was invited guest conductor in Eurochestries festival in Charente-Maritime in France, in 2017 he wrote new composition to this festival and conducted it in final concerts of festival.

   In 2007, 2011, 2014 and 2017 he was general conductor of youth symphony orchestras at Estonian Song Celebration, conducting  united orchestra with more than 1000 players and conducted also united choir with 25 000 singers.

He was given Year Award of Music in 2007 and 2012 by Estonian Cultural Endowment, in 2009 Year Prize of Riho Päts` School Music Foundation and in 2015 Year Prize of Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association.

Since 2009 he is the board member of European Orchestras Federation and since 2010 president of Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association and also manager of Pärnu International Music Festival and Järvi Academy, since 2018 also vice-president of International Federation of Eurochestries Festivals.

He has composed vocal-symphonic works „Requiem“, „Magnificat“, oratorium „Story of Estonian Singer“, humoratorium „Salomon Vesipruul“, musicals „Sending of Joonas“ and „Clowns at Class-excursion“, many orchestral works and choral pieces. His music has performed in USA, Canada, South Africa and in many countries in Europe.