Etienne Kippelen 2016

Composer, musicologist and associate professor, Etienne Kippelen holds three awards at the CNSMD in Paris (analysis, aesthetics, and harmony) and an award at the CNSMD in Lyon (composition). Passionate about transmission, he is a lecturer at the University of Aix-Marseille and a professor of music culture and composition at the Aix-en-Provence Conservatory. His research on music in the 20the and 21ste centuries led him to publish several books and specialized articles.


Passionate about transmission, Etienne puts his oratorical talent at the service of the public during concerts-discovery, where he presents the works performed( Wishing to contribute to the dissemination of the musical repertoires he cherishes, he creates and co-directs the Festival des Nocturnes Sainte-Victoire(


Composer of some forty scores and winner of the Dutilleux and Jolivet International Competitions, he studied with personalities as diverse as Régis Campo, Allain Gaussin and Philippe Hurel. His works are regularly created by various festivals and ensembles: Eurochestries, Haut-Bugey Festival, Chagny Musical Moments, Vaucluse Musical Spring, Radio France Festival in Montpellier, Court-Circuit, etc.


His piece "Terre et mer" (" Earth and sea"), ordered by Eurochestries in 2015 was created by the international orchestra of the festival in Charente Maritime department (France) in August, 2015, conducted by Igor Dohovic (Slovakia). You can listen it in a recording realized by an orchestra of students of the CNSMD of Lyon conducted by Fabrice Pierre.