International congress 2020

The international congress of the Eurochestries will take place from February, 27th till March 1st, in Casablanca, Morocco.

This congress welcome festival organizers, conductors, orchestra directors, composers, partners, teachers, musicians, and members. It is open to all.

About 50 people representing different countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, Estonia, Mexico, Morocco,France, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, etc.


Planned program

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It is the occasion for everyone to share, debate, and think about the development of culture for all, of live classical music and the Eurochestries moveme043 CONGRES EUROCHESTRIES 2019 Eurochestries Jacky BERTHELOT.jpg webnt around the world, so that a large public and amount of young musicians can participate in these beautiful human and musical adventures.

Each is able to present his actions and to announce his commitment to the Eurochestries, to improve his knowledge of last year's activities and the program of the current year in each country, to share ideas or propositions about future project, and to create or consolidate projects.

Like the Eurochestries’ philosophy, it will favor international meetings, brotherhood, friendliness and projects.