2018 International Congress

The International Eurochestries Congress was held from 22th till 25th February, in Estonia, in Tallinn.

At the invitation of the International Eurochestries Federation and the Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association chaired by Jüri-Ruut Kangur, the International Eurochestries Congress was held from 22th till 25th February, in Tallinn, at the same time as the Estonian Republic's 100th anniversary.

Festivals organizers, conductors, orchestras managers, composers, managers of educational structures, president of associations and federations, teachers, musicians and subscribers met during 4 days to meet and exchanges.

Eleven countries were present: Belgium, Brazil, Canada (Québec and Vancouver), China, Spain, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Russia, and Slovakia.

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Those hard-working days were the opportunity to approch important specific topics, to exchange, to discuss, to think about the development of everybody's culture and the classical music "living" and the Eurochestries mouvement around the world, to allow a large public and as many younger musicians to participate in these beautiful human and musical adventures.

Under the chairmanship of Claude Révolte, those topics were subject of exchanges information, conception and proposition of great density, with delegates from numerous (ans some of them new) different countries.

Some trails were studied to reinforce the relationship with the educational structures, especially, in a first instance, with the Cegep Sainte-Foy from Québec and the Music Mentors International from Vancouver. The goal is to allow those studing music, organzation, orchestras/choir conducting, and other, to boost their experience abroad, taking into account their courses. Different ways could be considered: to particpate in the festivals or in a personalised program over several months.

In a first instance, a "Young" commission was revived, with Rémy Wang (France- violin), Angelika Antsmae (Estonia – cello), and Pedro Galvez Gimenez (Spain – horn). All three participated in several Eurochestries festivals and as they want to be involve in the mouvement, they will be asked to bring ideas and suggestions to the International Federation. This commission could of course welcome other interested young people.

In 2019, the Eurochestries will be celebrating 30th anniversary. It will be the opportunity to rework the image and the structure of the Eurochestries network.

Also everybody, could present their actions, improuve their knowledge of the activities of the last year and of this year program in each country, the share ideas or propositions about the next approach or projects, and create or consolidate projects.

The delegates had the pleasure to be welcome by the French Ambassy and the Institute of France in Estonia. The strong cultural exchanges that now exist between France (in particular Charente Maritime) and Estonia thanks to the Eurochestries were hightlighted.

A concert was organized by the Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association, enhancing youngs soloists and the musical teaching in the country: the Symphony Orchestra of the Tallinn Music School (dir. Ott Kask), with breathaking young soloist, and the Symphony Orchestra of the Music School Nõmme (Dir. Riivo Jõgi), who participated in the festivals in France – Charente Maritime in 2017 and who will participate in the festival in China this summer in 2018. On this occassion, the young and promising violinist Rémy Wang (France – China) played a concerto accompanied by the orchestra.

The delegates could also attend the concert of the Estonian Symphony Orchestra who played for the celebrations of the 100th anniversay  in the Estonian concert hall, with pieces by composers exclusively Estonian. A beautiful musical revelation moment for everybody.

Thank you so much to Jüri-Ruut Kangur and his team for the perfect organization during these five days.

Thank you so much to all the participants for those friendly, fruitful and constructive exchanges !

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