Mathieu Rivest

Mathieu Rivest

Native of Beauport (Canada), Mathieu Rivest starts his piano studies in his native town and then he continues his training in trumpet in the Cégep de Ste-Foy with Marc Carmichael. He continues his studies in the University of Laval who he obtain his bachelor's degree (1999) and in 2002 a Master in Musical Education. Mathieu Rivest also was a part a perfecting course in musical education in several music Academies in Belgium.


His studies to be conductor start with Chantal Masson-Bourque, Gilles Auger and also Guy Lavigne. Passionate about this new discipline, he studies to be conductor and choir in the Conservatory of Metz (France) for a year with the renowned professor Fernand Quattrochi.  Thereafter, he participates a conductor workshop abroad with greats maetros like Pierre Cao, Hervé Niquet, Loïc Pierre, Éric Bauer, Florent Stroesser and Yoshihisa Mathias Kinoshita.  In 2004, he also participates a workshops to be orchestra conductors organizated by «Sergiu Celibidache stiftung» with the conductor Konrad von Abel in Germany. 


An active and comitted musician, he is regularly invited like a conducteur or coach to differents ensembles and organisations whose the CAMMAC (Canadian Amateur Musicians Musiciens Amateurs of Canada). Since 1993, he taught at the Camp musical of SaintAlexandre of Kamouraska and since April 1998, he is the Director General and Artistic. He also was found in 1998 the Camps of orchestras and since their creation he conduct the Harmony and Symphony Orchestra. In 2001, he creates the string orchestra Arquemuse from Quebec. He also was conducted a chamber orchestra in the Music Faculty of the University of Laval. In the 2005 Autumn, he also has occupied the position of Pedagogical Director Rivière-du- Loup School.  


Mathieu has accumulated significant experience in the theaching area in several establishment in the  Quebec area. Now he teaching music in the Cégep de La Pocatière.


For several years now, M. Rivest is the origin of several large-scale projects like arranger (orchestration) and conductor. The documentary Symphonie Locass produced in 2006 by Vidéo Femmes and the Office Nationale du Film (ONF) has shown.


In the end, Mathieu Rivest otained two times a Fonds du Bas St-Laurent awardee by the arts and litterature awarded by the Conseil de la Cultura of Bas-St-Laurent and also the Conseil des arts et des lettres of Quebec.