Angel Luis Perez Garrido




Conductor, composer, Ph.d. in Music Education, Professor of the Department of Conducting of the Royal Conservatory "Victoria Eugenia" de Granada and Professor in the Faculty of Sciences of Education at the University of Malaga (UMA).


Ángel Luis Pérez is considered today as one of the leading exponents in the world of conducting of his generation in Spain. Graduating in orchestral conducting finish their promotion (1997-2000). It has received advice from masters such as C.Halffter, Luis de Pablo, Charles Rosen, Enrico Fubini, A. Boscov, J. Panula, J. López Cobos. With international teaching courses on orchestra conducting in Weimar (Germany) in the Franz Liszt Musikhochschule (2007-2008), State Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow (2006-2009) is also principal guest conductor, Mexico 2012 (Tepoztlan) conducting workshop organized by the Sistema Nacional de Fomento Musical etc..., along with various presentations in Spanish universities (Malaga, Granada, Madrid, Mexico DF and Brazil...), has worked in parallel with Maestro Bruno Aprea in international conducting courses organised by the Eutherpe Foundation in Leon, Edition 2011-2013. He currently gives a diploma international conducting in Mexico DF, with Carlos Chávez as resident orchestra and is guest professor of conducting at the (Federal University of Ceara) UFC in Brazil (2013-2014).


He has conducted in festivals such as numbers :

• Festival of contemporary music at the opening of the Festival of La Pepa (Cádiz 2012) and organized by Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga in its IX and XIV and XV Edition. Cadiz, cycle great Virtuosi Festival.

• Inauguracion of the I International fall Festival (Jaén).

• Festival transEuropean of Normandy (France, 2005). 

• Eurochestries (France 2001-2008 - 2011, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary 2009, Canada 2010-2012).

• Festival International's youth orchestras of the Region of Murcia (2006-2009).

• International cycle of University orchestras of Zaragoza (2006-2009).

• Festival of contemporary music (Bacau 2004).

• sound universe Festival (Moscow 2006-2009) premiering concert fantastic of Albéniz in Russia, within the centenary of the birth of the composer in the Bolshoi comes out of Moscu.ha directed in such rooms as: National Auditorium of music (Madrid), Moscow's Bolshoi, Moscow Rachmaninov, great theatre of Kiev, Novosibirsk Opera, Auditorium of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-kong, Guanzhou, Wuham room... Palacio de Montcalme (Québec-Canada), Auditorio de Zaragoza, Zénith de Paris Opera of Bratislava (Slovakia) etc. Aula Magna University of Philadelphia (USA), Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vienna, Weimar, Brussels...


He has directed: Orchestra of the Spanish Association of youth orchestras in his debut in the National Auditorium of music (Madrid) in 2010 formed by:
JONDE (National Youth Orchestra of Spain) or JONC (Joven Orquesta Nacional de Catalonia), (young Orchestra of Extremadura) OJEX or PRESJOVEM (Córdoba) or loose (young Orchestra of Albacete), Philharmonic Orchestra of Málaga. International Orchestra of Festival "Eurochestries 25th anniversary", Symphonyc Orchestra Carlos Chávez (cast A) and (B), Orchestra "Manuel de Falla" of cadiz, Orchestra Symphonyc  of the Musikhochschule Franz Liszt of Weimar, Symphony Orchestra State of the Conservatory Tchaikovsky of Moscow, Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatory Tchaikovsky of Moscow, Filarmonica of Oltenia (Craiova) Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Montreal, Symphonyc Orchestra Philharmonic of Quebec, Symphonyc Orchestra of the Lyceum "Dino Lipatti", "George Enescu" (Romania), Camera Orchestra "Manuel de Falla" in Cádiz. •Orquestra of Camera Provincial de Málaga, Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory "Manuel Castillo" Seville. Orchestra  Slovakia National Iuvenalis (2008),Philarmonic of Niort (2007-2008 - 2009), Orchestra Philharmonic of the Institute Hipolitov Ivanovv of Moscow., Japan Student Orchestra (Vienna), JoSU (young Orchestra of Stuttgart-Germany), Symphony Orchestra of the Superior Conservatory of Málaga and holder from 2002-04, camera (2004-2007, 2010-2011) •Orquesta Symphony Orchestra of the Real Conservatorio Superior "Victoria Eugenia" of Granada which is proprietor from 2004-2010), Youth Symphonyc Orchestra of High School the Kamiak (Washington, USA).  Tepotlanz Symphony Orchestra (Mexico), Young Symphony Orchestra of Graz (Austria), Youth Wroclaw Philharmonic (Poland), Youth Symphonyc Krakow (Poland) •Orquesta of Harkov (Ukraine) Chamber Orchestra of Almeria, Young Orchestra of pekin•orquesta of camera Álvarez Beigdeber, Orchestra of the University of Washington, Orchestra de Alicante and currently is resident conductor of the Orquesta Sinfónica "Costa del Sol", Professor by opposition in the specialty of conducting, "Honorary Director" and Vice President of the Federation European of festivals "Eurochestries", Secretary national of the Asociación Española of young orchestras "AEJO 2010-2014”, all of this combined with a great directorial activity in Spain, and invitations as director invited different European and Latin American countries.




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