Visual style guide


This visual style guide defines the rules of use of the Eurochestries logotype.
The respect of these graphic style guidelines enhances the image of quality of our network. Therefore, it is essential to comply with these guidelines.
This guide presents as well the principles of use of the different versions of the logotype on communication media.
This logotype must not be deformed, or cut, or crooked. It must respect the technical instructions mentioned in this guide.
We hope that this visual style guide will facilitate the use of the logotype.
The logo
Logo in four-colour process printing, main logo
logo eurochestries 2017 sans paranthse BON 
      Main version of the logo, it must be used as often as possible in order to ensure the identity of the network.
      It has to be used with a white background on monochromic, shaded and contrasting backgrounds.
        Download the logo
Logo in greyscale
logo eurochestries 2017 sans paranthse noir
            Download the logo
Logo with white subtitles
 logo eurochestries actuel BON texte blanc et transparentjpg
        This version must be used on a dark background
      in order to allow the reading of the subtitles.
Logo without subtitles
logo eurochestries actuel sans texte
        This version may be chosen when
      the logo is used as a visual aid.
        Download the logo