Who are we ?

The Eurochestries doesn't bring together isolated instrumentalists but formed bands. Each year, young people are separated by languages, but united in the universal language of music.

Notre Siège Social est situé à Saint-Germain-de-LusignanThe Eurochestries were created in 1989 by Mr. Marcel CORNELOUP to promote orchestral practice of the youth from age 15 to 25, through international exchange.

The Festivals offer to each orchestras the opportunity to get discovered composers of their country and their own repertoire to a wide audience. Numerous concerts allow these young musicians to showcase their band and their country. On this occasion, they discover the heritage tourism of the host region.

Its goal : During the festival, new bands in a mixture of nationalities are made for the closing concert of the Festival. This final concert, in which all these musicians gather together in one or two large orchestra, is the objective of the Festival. Young people learn about other teaching methods, other musical sensibilities. This concept also gives every player the opportunity to work under the direction of different conductors. The musical and human exchanges are very rich.

The Federation of Eurochestries Festivals wishes to bring together orchestras and choirs, orchestras and young soloists and orchestras and composers.

The Eurochestries contribute to the development of policy in favour of youth orchestras. Europe is a great hope for these young people, it must be cultural and culture has no boundaries.