Deux-Sèvres 2017

From 6th till 14th of July

Deux-Sèvres (FRANCE)

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- Chamber Orchestra of Seville, Spain - Dir.: Archil Pochkua

- Symphony Orchestra CEEM of Malaga, Spain - Dir. Ara Vartanian

- Choir Vesnianka, of Kiev, Ukraine - Dir. Oxana Tkatchenko

- String Quartet "Nelken", Spain

- Flöte Quartet "Nannerl", Austria

Brasil 2017

BRASIL (Sobral)

From 15th till 24th of July


Participants :

- Saint-Alexandre Music Camp Symphony Orchestra from Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada. Dir. Mathieu Rivest

- String Orchestra from Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

- Orchestra of the Cariri University (UFCA) , Brasil

- Chamber Orchestra of the UFC Fortaleza, Brasil

- Symphony Orchestra of the UFC Sobral, Brasil


China 2017

CHINA (Qingdao)

From 26th of July till 5th of August 2017

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Participants :

- S.Richter Symphony Orchestra from Moscow, Russia. Dir. Petr Gladysh

- String orchestra from Kosice, Slovakia. Dir. Igor Dohovic

- National wind youth orchestra from Israël. Dir. Motti Miron

- Bagad Pariz– TI AR VRETONED, France

- Choir of the sciences university of Wroclaw, Poland. Dir. Marek Kudra and Alan Urbanek

- Choir Casasawt, Morocco. Dir. Adnane Matrone

- Lirica (Piano-violons), France and Spain

- Trio Soneta, Mexico

- Brass Quintet "Eclats de cuivres", Brasil, Ireland, China.

- Duo DLD, China

- Percussions Group from Conservatory of Xinghai, China

- Students of School n°5 Symphony Orchestra from Taiyuan, China

- Students of School n°8 Symphony Orchestra “Golden Sails” from Beijing, China

- Beijing University Chamber Orchestra, China

-   Renmin University Chamber Orchestra, China

Charente-Maritime 2017

Charente-Maritime (FRANCE)

From 1st till 12th of August 2017

Tel : 05 46 48 25 30

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Participants :

- Symphony Orchestra "Alvarez Beigbeder" from Jerez, Spain. Dir. Angel Luis Perez  Garrido

- Symphony Orchestra "Nomme School" of Tallinn, Estonia. Dir. Riivo Jogi

- Symphony Orchestra of Youth "Musica in Crescendo" of San Salvo, Italia. Dir. Angelo Lalla

- Symphony Orchestra of Youth of La Linéa, Spain. Dir. Daniel Cruanes Langreo

- String Orchestra "Ramon Garay" of Jaén, Spain. Dir. Maria Del Mar Varon Ciudad

- Choir "Ivo Lola Ribar" of Belgrad Academy, Serbia. Dir. Milovan Pancic

- "Vanore" Wind Quintet (flöte, oboe, clarinet, fagot, horn), from Andalousia, Spain

- Saxophon Quartet "Malaka" of Granada, Spain

- "Red Note" Quintet (String Quartet and piano), China, USA, Italia

- "Volga Clarinets" from Saratov, Russia

Syzran 2017

From 16th till 24th of August 2017

Partner Festival in Syzran (Russia) "Silver Trumpets of the Volga"