International Congress in Casablanca - Morocco 2020

The Eurochestries International Congress was held from February 27th to March 1st, in Casablanca (Morocco)

57 participants from 14 countries : Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, France, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovakia.

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The varied profile of the delegates allowed for rich and fruitful debates: festival organizers, managers of orchestra, conductors, composers, young musicians, managers of orchestras federation, journalists, etc.





This year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming new countries such as Argentina and Japan, which, we hope, will become reference partners for the future actions of the Eurochestries.

0042 congres Eurochestries Jacky BERTHELOTDuring this congress, many ideas were expressed, many projects were presented and thought. The Eurochestries network is in motion!


Our reflections on structuring, communication, finance, but also the presentation of each person's actions, the possible ways of development, shared ideas, suggestions, etc. lead the participants,  to progress in the vision and establishment of their actions and projects, individually but also collectively for Eurochestries International, .


The sharing experience and the meeting will allow to see the development of new projects, both locally and internationally.


In addition to the structural issues related to the financing, employment and partnerships of this international network, cross-cutting topics were part of the discussions, such as "adapting to the current communication", "European aid schemes", “inclusion and combating discrimination” or “innovate in a changing society”.


The Youth Committee leaded by Pedro (Spain), Matilde (Estonia) and Rémy (France) is on the right track, and their presentation shows their desire to see it develop and structure to strengthen the link between the young musicians and the leaders of Eurochestries International.


The work around the ambassadors was important for a better structuring of the Eurochestries and a better networking of the territory in the different countries.


The work of composers is an artistic aspect that is close to our heart in order to develop the symphonic repertoire and help creativity. A good dialogue was established between the present composers and the project of a major international composition competition in 2021 was presented.


Moments of exchange and conviviality also enabled important informal exchanges for future projects.


And of course, the delegates were have discovered the city of Casablanca with the Mosque or its Market and then the specialties of Morocco: couscous or its fish.


We thank the association «Maroc en Chœur» and its volunteers for the help in organizing this congress and the discovery of their country.

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