International Congress in Jonzac - France

The Eurochestries International Congress was held from 7th to 10th March, in France, in Jonzac , in his beautiful Congress Center.

Congrès E 2019AlnetMG 80This International Congress celebrated also the 30th anniversary of the Eurochestries.

 49 participants from 15 countries : Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, France, Ireland, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia

delegates with a varied profile: festival organizers, manger of orchestra, conductor, composer, young musicians, manager of orchestras federation, journalist, etc

082 j3 congres 19 Eurochestries Jacky BERTHELOTDuring this anniversary congress, our thoughts and our decisions will allow a great clarity to our partners, the orchestras, but also our members


We have defined the values of the our relationship in the Eurochestries:


- Eurochestries, changes lives!



- Over time meeting, bringing the peoples,



- Youth education through the music: improve the level of the musicians, language practice, understand ourselves and each other.


- Friendship and respect, without competition, sharing, empathy, human values, openness foreign, patience and work


-  The requested fee for musicians is the lowest of all the festivals.


- The Eurochestries festivals are different of the other festivals. We need to preserve this originality. 


The Youth committee with Pedro, Angelica y Rémy has presented their work (a quiz for the young people, presence in the network) and their ideas to make the link between le young musicians and the Eurochestries board of directors


Everyone proposed to help Eurochestries within its possibilities and real time, to respect the Eurochestries “rules “; to promote in each network; to develop the links with the institutions and other associations, etc.


It also showed that some areas of work.


The 2019 and 2020 festivals was presented.


Everyone also has been able to present his activities, his wishes of partnership or to participate at the Eurochestries actions in the world, etc.


A moments of exchanges and conviviality had also allowed an infomal exchanges to futur projects.


And of course, the delegates can discouvert the local specialities (pineau des charentes, cognac, folkloric dances, etc.), and also Jonzac city and its touristic and cultural installations.


077 CONGRES EUROCHESTRIES 2019 Eurochestries Jacky BERTHELOTCongrès E 2019AlnetMG 07


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