International congress 2017

The international congress of the Eurochestries took place from 23rd to 26th of February in Poland, in Wroclaw.

This congress welcomed festival organizers, conductors, orchestra directors, composers, partners, teachers, musicians, and members.

Nine different countries participated : Brazil, Canada (Quebec Region and Vancouver), China, Spain, Estonia, France, Poland, Russia and for the fist time, Morocco.

It was the occasion for everyone to share, debate, and think about the development of culture for all, of live classical music and the Eurochestries movement around the world, so that a large public and amount of young musicians can participate in these beautiful human and musical adventures.

Each was able to present his actions and announce his commitment to the Eurochestries, to improve his knowledge of last year's activities and the program of the current year in each country, share ideas or propositions about future project, and create or consolidate projects.

0113 J2 CONGRES WROCLAW 02 17 Eurochestries Jacky BERTHELOTBesides the Assessment of the festivals and activities of 2016 and the presentation of the certified Eurochestries festivals and actions, the following themes were approached:

The impact of the Eurochestries festivals on the young musicians, result of the study led by the researchers; Work with the social structures, teach the music differently, the creation as an aid to learning; The stake in the integration of a public of disadvantaged young people, the place of mixing in the young orchestras; Composers and compositions – orders; The international exchanges, strengthen the links between Eurochestries with the secondary, high schools and universities; To include in our network festivals labeled Eurochestries with different themes (traditional music, choirs, …); The Eurochestries Festivals in 2018 to 2022; How to recruit orchestras and choirs, how to increase our network ? ; Relay-cities ; The Eurochestries ambassadors; Presentation of ISME (International Society for Music Education), and of her works about the music education; and the Statutory general meeting.

A visit of the university by the chancellor personally was offered to the congress participants.
A concert with the three choirs of the sciences university was also organized, emphasizing the exceptional quality of the training for conductors and choirs in this university.

Like the Eurochestries’ philosophy, it favoured the international meetings, the brotherhood, the friendliness and the projects.

This congress was organized with the support of the Association of Chamber Male Choir Cantilena, and in particular his president Artur Wrobel. Thanks to him and his team.

Thanks to all the participants for these cordial, fruitful and constructive exchanges!

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