Sobral 2019


From May 22nd to May 30th




-String Orchestra FUNFFEC from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil


- Symphonic Orchestra of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Sobral, Brazil


Brass quintet of the UFC, Fortaleza, Brazil


“Álvarez Beigbeder” wind quartet, Spain


String quintet LEGE, Estonia


Pianist and tuba player, Mikaël Francoeur, Canada


Violonist Astrid Marin, Mexico


Deux-Sèvres 2019


From July 4th to July 13rd 2019

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Find the full program here!


Participants :

- Chamber orchestra of Seville, Spain. Dir. Archil Potchkhua

- Youth Orchestra of Figueres, Spain. Dir. Jordi Piccorelli López

- Madrid University Symphony Orchestra, Spain. Dir. Gerardo Estrada Martínez

- "Laure-Ruf" Duo, Brazil.

- "Múus iik'" Ensemble, Mexico.

- "Augmented Fourth" Wind Quartet, Estonia. 

Charente-Maritime 2019


From July 30th to August 12nd

Tel : 05 46 48 25 30

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Find the full program here !



- "Alvarez Beigbeder" Symphonic Orchestra, Jerez, Spain. Dir. Angel Luis Perez Garrido and José Colomé

Nõmme Music School Symphony Orchestra, Tallin, Estonia. Dir. Riivo Jõgi

- "Murcia Noroeste" Youth Symphony Orchestra, Spain. Dir. Juan Jésus Lopez Sandoval

S. Richter Symphony Orchestra, Moscow, Russia. Dir. Petr Gladysh

- "Musica Iuvenalis" String Orchestra, Kosice, Slovakia. Dir. Igor Dohovic

- "Pearls of Odessa" Choir, Ukrain. Dir. Larissa Garbuz

Choir of the National Music Conservatory of Mexico City, Mexico. Dir. David L. Arontes Reyes

"Camerata de Esquina" String Ensemble, Brazil.

- "Ubeda Brass" Ensemble, Spain. 

"Vanore" Wind Quintet, Spain. 

Syzran 2019


Du 13 au 18 août 2019

Partner festival :

"SilverTrumpets of the Volga river"


Participants :

- Orchestra from Lencloitre, France

- Marching Band from Dunkirk, France

- Symphonic orchestra from la Linéa, Spain

- Orchestras and choirs from Russia