China 2018

CHINA (Qingdao):

From the 2nd to the 13th of August 2018.

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The artists:

- Youth Symphony Orchestra of Strasbourg (OJS), France. Dir Gustave Winkler.


 -Symphony Orchestra OpalSinfonietta, France. Dir Enrique Francisco Segura.


-Nõmme Music School Symphony Orchestra, Tallin, Estonia. Dir Riivo Jõgi.


-Orchestra "Álvarez Beigbeder", Jerez, Spain. Dir Ángel Luis Pérez Garrido.


-Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Rouen, France. Dir Claude Brendel.


-Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, youth chamber ensemble, New-Zealand. Dir James Jin.


 Guest : The composer and director of orchestra Louis Babin (From Quebec, Canada) is our guest this year with his musical piece "Saint-Exupéry: de coeur, de sable et d'étoiles".

(the musical piece was ordered by the International Federation of Eurochestries and created in 2012 during the festival in Charente-Maritime, France).