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 Mathieu Rivest

Mathieu Rivest:
organiser of the festival


laurent bretonFundator of Festival :
Laurent Breton


City of Quebec

Next festivals :
                  - in 2018 (9th till 19th of August)- see report
- in 2020 (15th till 26th of August) - Cancelleddue to Covid-19
- in 2022 (7th till 18th of August)

Next tours:
- in 2019: from 10th till 16th August
- in 2021: from 14th till 20th of August


The Festival of Eurochestries in Quebec is the first one to be organized outside the European continent. It has joined our network in 2010.


This festival arose from the initiative of Laurent Breton, conductor of the Waterfalls of Beauport, in Quebec. Having attended the Festival in Charente-Maritime, he created the Eurochestries association in Quebec so much the welcome and the project of Eurochestries interested him...


After a rebirth in 2015 and a nice 2016 edition, the festival enhanced with a tourn and a master-class in Kamouraska, Baie-Saint-Paul (Charlevoix) and Quebec, will take place again in 2018. See the television coverage


Mathieu Rivest, director of the musical Camp Saint Alexandre of Kamouraska and conductor, is responsible for the festival in Canada-Quebec. He also works in partnership with Rosaire Tremblay for the Baie-Saint-Paul place, and Benjamin René and the Cegep Sainte-Foy for the Quebec place.


About fifteen concerts will be organized during the week of Festival. Following the example of other festivals of our network, these meetings of young musicians will take place during a week, at the same time to play their own directory during about fifteen concerts, but also to work together common works intended to be played during the closing concerts by this " international full orchestra " created for the occasion. After six days in the Camp Saint Alexandre of Kamouraska, the musicians will mouve to Quebec and Baie-Saint-Paul for two others closing concerts.


This Festival takes place mainly on 2010 to 2012 in the City of Quebec, with the partnership of prestigious Montcalm palace which will welcome the opening and closing concerts.


In 2013 and 2014, Quebec welcomed on tourn the the orchestra of youngs of Strasbourd (France), the choir Vaya Con Dios of Pyrenees (France), and the Accordions National Orchestra (France), thanks to the association " International musical tourning" fund by Marie-Luce Ouellet.



The festival will take place every two years, the even years. The odd years, the possibility of organizing for a tour for an orchestra or a choir, in the dates planned (on 2019: from 10th till 16th of August; on 2021: from 14th till 20th of August)



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