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President of ADAEM :

Jean-Luc Fervault


jean marie dazasDirector of the festival :

Jean-Marie Dazas


Vienne department

Tel. : 05 49 90 55 46


The Eurochestries Festival in Vienna was born in 2002 on initiative of Jean-Marie DAZAS, director of the ADAEM, Association for the Development and the Animation of the Music school of Lencloître.


Following the example of other Festivals of our network, the young instrumentalists stemming from the whole world meet during about ten days in Poitou, between Poitiers and Châtellerault, both to play their own repertoire during about twenty concerts organized on the territory and also to work together on a common work intended to be played during the closing concert  of this International full orchestra constituted for the event. Opening and closure concerts take place at the Salle Multimédia of Lencloître.


This Festival welcomes every year between 200 and 250 musicians for about twenty concerts on 16 municipalities of the territory and this for the biggest pleasure of 4000 spectators who move every year. After the High School of Chatellerault since 2002, the reception is made within the LP2i High School (International Innovative High School) in Jaunay-Clan (Futuroscope). This allows us to insure a good well-balanced catering as well as a friendly and nice place of life. Furthermore, the Festival is anchored on a territory historically rich, so allowing us to offer to our musicial hosts varied tourist discoveries, from medieval villages to the Futuroscope parc.




This Festival is realized with the valuable support of our partners

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