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alain guedePresident of the association Monsieur de Saint-George :

Alain Guédé


City of Paris and region

July and August

 Phone: 01 42 78 36 40


The association "The Concert of Mr. St. George, founded in 2000, works to rediscover the music of the "Knight" and the rehabilitation of this man with exceptional generosity that was probably the first great artist engaged.


It adopted that name in tribute to the groups that Saint George has directed such as "Le Concert des Amateurs" and "Le Concert de l'Olympique" or with whom he was distinguished, as "Le Concert Spiritual".


In 2004, Alain Guédé was able to conduct a conference tour in Russia under the EUROCHESTRIES Festivals. Since 2005, all the bands involved in these festivals are invited to play a work by St. George. Since 2007, the Young Chamber Orchestra "Alvarez Beigbeder" from Jerez (Spain) and the Young Orchestra of St. Petersburg, perform regularly in Paris. The Young Strings Orchestra from Kosice (Slovakia) "Musica Iuvenalis" could perform, and it is unusual enough to be noted, in the prison of Fleury-Merogis. See newspaper article below for further information about the event.

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