Chine - Qingdao

City of Qingdao (or Tsingtao)

New festival : From 26th of July till 5th of August 2017


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liu zheng chef dorchestreArtistic Director of the Festival :

Liu Zheng

Xie Zimeng Festival Organizer

Xie Zimeng


City of Qingdao (Tsingtao)

From 2 till 12 August 2018

2nd edition !

- Document
- Film

- Report 2017

The Eurochestries Festival in China has just joined our network in 2017.

This even arose from the initiative of Liu Zheng, conductor from Beijing. Having participated in several Eurochestries festivals almost everywhere in the world, he has decided to organize a festival in his country so much the project of Eurochestries seems to him interesting for the education of the young people...
This Festival takes place to Qingdao. As for the other Eurochestries festival, it will be based on the meeting of young people from the whole world, with international rehearsals to prepare the closing concert.


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