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He studied music and violin at the Music Conservatory of Xian, People's Republic of China, where he graduated Higher Violin and Chamber Music. During his studies in Xian, he benefits from the lessons of great masters such as Isaac Stern and Yehudi Menuhin. Winner of the First Grand Prize of the Festival of the Five Provinces of China in 1983. He is, the same year, appointed professor of violin at the Music Conservatory of Xian.

French government scholarship holder, he comes to France in 1984 to perfect his studies in music. He performs brilliantly the programs of the Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris, which in 1985 awarded him the Degree of Concert, and in 1987, the Diplôme Supérieur de Concert for Violin and Chamber Music. With his partner, the pianist Yuanyuan Li with whom he has created a duo since 1985, he gave many concerts and recitals in Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Africa and France.

Guests of the Music Festival of Touquet in 1987 and 2002, the Music Festival du Haut Quercy in 2000 and 2001, the Festival de Bourges "a Summer in Bourges" in 2002 and 2003, " It's a moment of pure happiness ... subtle in the playing of the musician, ethereal, light in the virtuosity. It is the charm and poetry, time stops, a dream of an exquisite musical beauty. "- (The Perry Republicain)

The violinist has been distinguished in 1989 by an Award of Honor of the International Sonates Competition of Vierzon. The same year, he performed as a soloist accompanied by the International Academy Orchestra of Vichy. Press salvation in his playing "the sensitivity of his vibrato, which offers a beautiful musical discourse that can unite harmoniously with other instruments" (La Montagne). In September 1989, Taiping Wang joins the Picardy Orchestra and he has held since the solo violin position.     

Since 1998, he also served as solo violin of the International Philharmonic Orchestra of Paris, and of the International CROUS Orchestra of Paris. He also performed as a soloist at the concerto of Max Bruch in the Salle Gaveau in Paris accompanied by the Orchestra of the International CROUS Paris during a gala concert.

In 1993, he recorded his first CD with Yuanyuan Li "It's like Yin and Yang, they can not be separated, and the one can not exist without the other; perfect complementarity, unique intelligence and emotions serving the two instruments" (Échos Républicains).

Since 1994 he regularly returns to China as leader and soloist for concerts without conductor, and he also conducts big orchestral groups at the Eurochestries festival in France, he is currently the Vice-President of Eurochestries International. He also conducts in Zhengzhou, Zhejiang, and Shanghai Qindao in China. He provides master classes in several cities in France and China. Invited as jury of several national competitions by FR3, Pricem... Tours performed with the Picardy Orchestra in China in October 1996 and May 2005 were a triumph in the violinist's career, "even if he was home again, he had to give the best concert of his still short career. ... It was a triumph that was not only sentimental and the orchestra" (from Picardy) "lovingly accompanied his favorite Chinese in his long ascent to happiness. " - Le Courrier Picard.




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